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Security Consulting & Services

Sync4U is an international provider of unique Systems Integration, Business Development and Consulting specializing in the field of Defense, Intelligence, Communication, and HLS Areas. We are experts in finding the most advanced technology and the right partner to work with providing a comprehensive, customized solution for each client.


Our mission is to equip most government organizations, law enforcement agencies, and military units with top of the line operational, strategic, tactical and analytic capabilities required to ensure the success of their objectives.

Our Services

Our Services
​Facial Recognition

Face Recognition System (FRS) – a world-leading video analytics technology that specializes in real-time face and human recognition in mass crowd events.  The system can simultaneously analyze multiple live video streams from various sources such as CCTV cameras, body-worn or mobile cameras. It can integrate with any type or brand of cameras and comes with a powerful Forensic capability. 

Tactical equipment

Personal Tactical Equipment –Tailor-made, safe, operational and ergonomic products essential for any and all security tasks. The wide range of military and security products are of the highest quality and meet, if not go beyond the demands of all service standards.

Communication Jammers

We provide Advanced, Especially-Designed Jamming solutions:

  • Drone Detection and Jamming Systems

  • Convoy Jammers

  • Prison Solutions

  • IED Jammers

  • Cellphone Jammers

Cyber & Web Intelligence

Sync4U provides governments the capability to monitor developing events, conversations, and traffic on social and mobile platforms.

We provide the tools to penetrate deeply behind the scene and identify key players on the social network at all levels.

It helps protect strategic assets and operations.


Day-Night Electro-Optics solutions for:

  • tactical and personal use

  • platforms (air, land, sea)

  • unique sights and tactical equipment

Explosives and Narcotics Detection

Sync4u offers a full range of portable and benchtop solutions designed for the simultaneous detection and/or identification of a wide range of explosives and narcotics --- a “mobile laboratory”.

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